1Q | What motivates you to do your job?

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It’s always interesting for me to listen to what people do on a daily basis. You can gauge a lot of things about them: How motivated they are, whether they like what they do, their passion for their craft. I think jobs have a major effect on how we think and act. After all, we spend a good chunk out of the day doing work.

In various stages of your life, work can mean different things and affect you in different ways. Maybe in your school days you didn’t feel much responsibility because you’re the only one who gets the grade. And now, perhaps it’s more burdensome for you to do things like slack off because if you do, then others in your company can get affected.

Work might be someone’s entire life. They may love their career, or could see work as a civil duty. Some might believe it to be a means of expressing their creativity and keep them motivated about their life. And others may not like their job, but have to do it because they have to.

Do you enjoy your job?

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On this issue of 1Q, we hear from 10 people in 10 different industries who have contrasting opinions about motivation and their job.

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Ron  |  37  |  Construction

Job Title: Civil Engineer  

“I do my job to support my family. I’m the breadwinner of the bunch, which means if I’m out of a job, we’re shit outta luck. So for me, I’m okay with tough work if it means I can feed my 10-year-old. That’s my motivation.”


Eve  |  25  |  Software

Job Title: Administrative Assistant 

“Truthfully, I’m not in love with my job. I wanted it because it was in an industry I liked, but there’s nothing on my resume to get me applying for anything technical. Basically, my motivation is the excitement of using this as a stepping stone into the industry, so that’s fun.”


Winnie  |  29  |  Beauty

Job Title: Makeup Artist

“The ability to interact with so many women from so many walks of life sincerely motivates me to keep going. I quit my 9 to 5 to do this full time and it was a struggle finding clients at first. Now, I’m really happy to take every day as a new challenge doing what I love, surrounded by people I love.”


Carlos  |  43  |  Small Business

Job Title: Shop Owner

“My family. I left most of my family in Mexico, and I miss them every day. My wife and children are here but I wish I can bring more of my family over. I’m making good money in this small shop I own, but I wish I could be making more..”


Jennifer  |  19  |  Fast Food

Job Title: Cashier

“I really hate my job, but it helps me pay for school. The only reason I can make it through the day is that at the end of it, I get a paycheck. I deal with so much BS that sometimes I feel like quitting, but I want to get myself through school first.”


Cameron  |  27  |  Aerospace

Job Title: Aerospace Engineer

“Kind of a weird way to put it, but I’m trying to fulfill my dream as a kid. Basically, be the person the kid version of me would have wanted to be. If I think about all the stuff I wanted to do back then, it keeps me going and helps me stay interested in my career.”


Monica  |  23  |  Auto

Job Title: Communications Manager

“The idea that I can keep learning and growing. I’ve always been such a stickler for perfection that I didn’t realize I had to kind of slow down and take some punches instead of dodge every single bad thing ever. In this industry, the community is so niche that I’m learning new things every day about it.”


Paul  |  35  |  Finance

Job Title: Analyst

“The people who surround me, honestly. This industry is so fast-paced that it can get really dizzying and my position is nothing to snort at either. I’m really motivated just by the fact I can meet so many talented and famous people who can network with me so I can learn more..”


Camilla |  63  |  Art

Job Title: Ceramic Artist

“I’m retired, so I see it more as a hobby than a job nowadays. What motivates me, though, is seeing the smiles on peoples’ faces when they look at my creations. I worked for so long as a secretary that I didn’t get a chance to be creative. Now, I can do it, and it helps me wake up every day with a smile.”


Hunter  |  21  |  Fashion

Job Title: Sales Associate

“I like money. Seriously, though, I love fashion. So the motivation behind me working here is that I can buy the clothes I like out of my own pocket instead of using my parents’ money, like I did most of the time. I also hope it can pay for my student loans a bit.”

What industry do you work in, and what do you do?

What are you motivated by?

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